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IV - L'empereur - Tarot cristal par Elisabetta Trevisan Baraja De Tarot, Tarot ' Queen of Swords' Card Art - The Secret Tarot Deck Oracle Cards Divination The .
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VII — the Chariot: The minor Arcana Chalices suit pleasure King: The Kingdom of Pleasure The wise and generous ruler of this kingdom gov- erns supported by his sensitive and far sighted wife.

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But this merry land is controlled by the severe fig- ure of the Great Censor, guardians of traditions. The Prince is a promising man, but he is still lack-. Unfortunately he falls in love with a young, not noble, woman whom he wants to marry, against all law and tradition. The brother of the King, a noble idler and squan- derer, discovers this secret and, hoping to be able to get rid of the heir of the throne, contrives a plan. He reveals to the Prince that, according to tradition, the heir of the throne can choose his wife, provided that he sets out on a journey through the desert.

In spite of the protests of his parents, the prince leaves for his journey. That very night his lover dreams of all the dangers and perils the young man will find on his way and this upsets her greatly. In the moment of greatest danger, the prince is saved by a small peasant community, living in a fruitful valley in the middle of the terrible desert.

There he remains for some rest and for convalescence. After a few months the wiser prince goes back to his town, where he was thought to be dead. He finds his lover in a terrible state of perpetual drowsiness, caused by the awful dreams she has had. As soon as she sees her betrothed, she comes to her senses.

The return of the Prince stops the obscure plans of the uncle, who was planning to kill the father, helped by a few accomplices. The kingdom of pleasure found peace again, and everyone celebrat- ed the wedding of the heir to the throne. Pentacle Suit richness King: The kingdom of Richness The family ruling this land is always very busy: Part of his enormous riches are given to charity, thanks to the magnanimity of the queen. The crown prince runs the economy of the country. Every subject has the positive model of the activity and prosperity of his governors and hopes to obtain, one day, part of their success.

In this kingdom lives a young brilliant and enter- prising man. He always has great ideas, but unfor- tunately he has no money to put those idea in prac- tice. Luckily he inherits a fortune from his uncle, recently deceased, leaving no children.

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It seems that everything is going well. Thanks to his new treasure he will be able to undertake many different enterprises. His wife, ensnared by the sudden riches, loses her head. While her husband undertakes fruitful enter- prises, engaging skilled craftsmen and helping the needy, the woman becomes a social climber, attending the most exclusive clubs in the hope of becoming a lady in waiting.

Years pass by and as the woman wastes time and energy longing for her ambitions, her enterprising. The kingdom of Sorrow A very severe looking man rules the big kingdom of Sorrow. In another place.

But among the crowd of people who court the woman. Their marriage has produced no children and by this time has been ruined by incomprehension. Sword suit sorrow King: The authority of his office helps him and covers him like blood-soaked mantle. The wisest and youngest son remained waiting a watchful guard. Beside him the pale face of the queen is reflected in an unsheathed blade.

He therefore decides to offer him various opportunities of work.

The man sees in the artist the son he wished so much for. Wands suit human work King: Tears can no longer give comfort to the night. The sword in the stone will remind your sons that nothing but violence can be bred by violence and nothing but sorrow can be bred by sorrow. You must now face the long journey home. Out of this maze.

His star is shining bright and sparkling and finally it will show him the sour taste of victory. Far away he is strongly bearing his heavy burden. For you there will be only the wait. No light is shining. Rest now knight. The hero disappeared and the light of that proud look no longer shines. For him there will be more trials than he will be able to bear. Someone is waiting for you.

Even in the evening light. A young monk will drive him to a nearby kingdom. She thinks of him with trepidation. The kingdom of the Work of man The heir was born to the throne where the king rules with gentle eyes over his people. Vines entwine on the castle walls. Her eyes look to her master. At his side sits his wife. In the gloomy forest he fights against sudden obsta- cles which are waiting for him in hiding. There is no work. His bethrothed is roaming imprisoned within these walls. He is wearing a simple habit and carrying a flask of water.

They have never felt each other. Her son is get- ting ready to leave.. Is he a man of honor or a wicked knight? They fight. The branches might have been cut. Nothing is left to his enemy but what he had previ- ously in principle. Now the knight is happy. It may be the world. He looks to the future and to what he will have to do tomorrow. Infatti la complessità della realtà umana. Si consiglia. Introduzione al metodo cartomantico Questa è solo una delle possibili chiavi di lettura che si possono adattare ai Tarocchi dei Segreti. Le carte sono come la realtà.

Exactamente así: Gracias Teatro La Fragua (Una temporada para retomar la esperanza)

I tarocchi. I ventidue Arcani maggiori e i cinquantasei Arcani minori raf- figurano le storie dei quattro regni in cui è divisa la Landa dei Segreti. Il segreto della divinazione consiste proprio nel saper interpretare i simboli degli Arcani: Gli Arcani dei tarocchi mostrano scene apparente- mente vaghe e prive di significato. Nello stesso tempo gli deve essere ricordato di pro- vare rispetto per i Tarocchi.

Il Consultante divida gli arcani in due mazzi. Le mischierà tre volte. Per prima cosa il Mago mischierà le carte. Metodo della Chiave Il Metodo della Chiave. Il Consultante deve essere trattato come un amico e messo a proprio agio. Finito di mischiare il Consultante restituirà le carte al Mago e nel farlo esprimerà un aspetto particolare salute..

Il Mago prenda il mazzo attivo e disponga coperte. La gestualità non deve essere affrettata. La carta in posizione 8 rappresenta la chiave. Prenda quindi il mazzo passivo e ne tragga le carte da 4 a 7. Fatto questo dia al Consultante i due mazzi da mischiare insieme per tre volte. La Terra dei Segreti Questa terra è un regno magico. Là egli visse grandi avventure. Dopo qual- La sua storia comincia un giorno in cui.

Il giovane provava attra- zione per entrambe e sperava un giorno di poterne sposare una. Mentre si guardava intorno vide un uomo venirgli incontro. Egli era il Mago. Proseguendo il suo viaggio.

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Era lo spirito della forza che. Dopo solo un giro della Ruota. Il viaggio lo aveva cambiato.

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